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Tatkal For Sure Privacy


Tatkal for sure is a chrome plugin that enables you to book train tickets in a seamless manner by auto filling details.

First things first. We do not sell any of your personally identifiable information to anyone and we won't do it ever.

We would like to explain what is it that we are here to do. We wish to reduce your commerce friction while booking tickets. Tatkal ticket booking is a challenging process and more often than not people are unable to book tickets because it gets over in less than less than 90 seconds. We wanted to ease that pain for the users and hence we created TatkalforSure.

We only store information via the website and the extension that is related to booking experience. That information includes the origin and destination of travel, the travel date, the train number for which the ticket is being booked, the device and browser from which it is being done and other ticket related information. Any other form of information is locally stored on your computer in encrypted format and is not sent to our servers.

No third party has access to the information that you have provided. We might use the information to add additional options to ease your travel experience but we do not sell any information to anyone.

We might update the privacy policy for certain reasons. In case that is done it would be clearly stated on the website and this page would be updated.

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