Trains Between Stations

Sr.Train No. and NameTrain TypeRuns on
FromDepToArrTravel TimeClass
1 97649/C49SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:30DR22:4700:17 GN
2 97647/C47SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:06DR22:2300:17 GN
3 97645/C45SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM21:03DR21:2000:17 GN
4 97643/C43SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM23:48DR00:0500:17 GN
5 97641/C41SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM23:25DR23:4200:17 GN
6 97639/C39SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:55DR23:1200:17 GN
7 97637/C37SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:27DR22:4400:17 GN
8 97635/C35SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:09DR22:2600:17 GN
9 97633/C33SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM20:26DR20:4300:17 GN
10 97631/C31SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:50DR19:0700:17 GN
11 97629/C29SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:18DR18:3500:17 GN
12 97627/C27SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:48DR18:0500:17 GN
13 97625/C25SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:28DR17:4500:17 GN
14 97623/C23SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM16:43DR17:0000:17 GN
15 97621/C21SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:16DR11:3300:17 GN
16 97619/C19SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:52DR11:1000:18 GN
17 97617/C17SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:44DR11:0100:17 GN
18 97615/C15SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:30DR10:4900:19 GN
19 97613/C13SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:18DR10:3500:17 GN
20 97611/C11SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:54DR10:1100:17 GN
21 97609/C9SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:22DR09:4100:19 GN
22 97607/C7SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:11DR09:2800:17 GN
23 97605/C5SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:55DR09:1200:17 GN
24 97603/C3SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:43DR09:0000:17 GN
25 97601/C1SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:28DR08:4500:17 GN
26 97503/G3SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:07DR09:2400:17 GN
27 97501/G1SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:40DR08:5700:17 GN
28 97441/T147SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM23:35DR23:5200:17 GN
29 97439/T145SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM23:59DR00:1600:17 GN
30 97437/T143SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM23:39DR23:5600:17 GN
31 97435/T141SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM23:12DR23:2900:17 GN
32 97433/T139SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:59DR23:1600:17 GN
33 97431/T137SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:47DR23:0400:17 GN
34 97427/T135SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:39DR22:5600:17 GN
35 97425/T133SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:02DR22:1900:17 GN
36 97423/T131SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM21:04DR21:2100:17 GN
37 97421/T129SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM20:35DR20:5200:17 GN
38 97419/T125SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM20:17DR20:3400:17 GN
39 97417/T123SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:50DR20:0700:17 GN
40 97413/T121SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:35DR19:5200:17 GN
41 97411/T119SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:22DR19:3900:17 GN
42 97407/T115SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:57DR19:1400:17 GN
43 97405/T113SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:46DR19:0300:17 GN
44 97403/T111SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:38DR18:5500:17 GN
45 97401/T109SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:29DR18:4600:17 GN
46 97399/T105SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:04DR18:2200:18 GN
47 97397/T103SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:44DR18:0100:17 GN
48 97395/T101SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:32DR17:4900:17 GN
49 97393/T99SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:24DR17:4100:17 GN
50 97391/T97SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:16DR17:3300:17 GN
51 97389/T95SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:08DR17:2500:17 GN
52 97387/T93SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:04DR17:2100:17 GN
53 97385/T91SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM16:52DR17:0900:17 GN
54 97383/T89SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM16:38DR16:5500:17 GN
55 97381/T87SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM16:30DR16:4700:17 GN
56 97379/T85SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM16:19DR16:3600:17 GN
57 97377/T83SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM16:09DR16:2600:17 GN
58 97373/T81SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:37DR15:5400:17 GN
59 97371/T79SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM14:29DR14:4600:17 GN
60 97369/T 77SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM14:20DR14:3700:17 GN
61 97367/T 75SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM14:00DR14:1700:17 GN
62 97365/T 73SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM13:38DR13:5500:17 GN
63 97363/T 71SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM13:09DR13:2600:17 GN
64 97361/T69SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM12:49DR13:0700:18 GN
65 97359/T67SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM12:23DR12:4000:17 GN
66 97357/T65SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:41DR11:5800:17 GN
67 97355/T63SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:37DR11:5400:17 GN
68 97353/T61SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:20DR11:3700:17 GN
69 97351/T59SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:04DR11:2100:17 GN
70 97349/T57SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:56DR11:1300:17 GN
71 97347/T55SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:48DR11:0700:19 GN
72 97345/T53SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:40DR10:5800:18 GN
73 97343/T51SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:26DR10:4300:17 GN
74 97341/T49SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:14DR10:3100:17 GN
75 97339/T47SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:06DR10:2300:17 GN
76 97337/T45SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:49DR10:0600:17 GN
77 97335/T41SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:41DR09:5800:17 GN
78 97333/T39SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:37DR09:5400:17 GN
79 97331/T37SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:26DR09:4400:18 GN
80 97329/T35SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:18DR09:3500:17 GN
81 97327/T31SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:03DR09:2000:17 GN
82 97325/T29SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:58DR09:1500:17 GN
83 97323/T25SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:47DR09:0400:17 GN
84 97321/T23SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:36DR08:5300:17 GN
85 97319/T21SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:24DR08:4100:17 GN
86 97317/T19SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:16DR08:3300:17 GN
87 97315/T15SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:08DR08:2500:17 GN
88 97313/T13SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:00DR08:1700:17 GN
89 97311/T11SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:44DR08:0100:17 GN
90 97309/T9SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:28DR07:4500:17 GN
91 97307/T7SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:08DR07:2500:17 GN
92 97305/T5SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM06:48DR07:0500:17 GN
93 97303/T3SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM06:36DR06:5300:17 GN
94 97301/T1SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM00:34DR00:5100:17 GN
95 97255/DL51SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM21:13DR21:3000:17 GN
96 97253/DL49SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM20:48DR21:0500:17 GN
97 97251/DL47SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM20:22DR20:3900:17 GN
98 97249/DL45SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM20:00DR20:1700:17 GN
99 97245/DL43SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:05DR19:2200:17 GN
100 97243/DL41SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:42DR18:5900:17 GN
101 97241/DL39SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:22DR18:3900:17 GN
102 97239/DL37SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:58DR18:1500:17 GN
103 97233/DL33SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM16:34DR16:5100:17 GN
104 97231/DL31SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM16:06DR16:2300:17 GN
105 97229/DL29SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:47DR16:0400:17 GN
106 97227/DL27SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:27DR15:4500:18 GN
107 97225/DL25SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:13DR15:3000:17 GN
108 97223/DL23SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM13:55DR14:1200:17 GN
109 97221/DL21SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM12:39DR12:5600:17 GN
110 97219/DL19SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:24DR11:4100:17 GN
111 97217/DL17SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:36DR10:5300:17 GN
112 97215/DL15SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:22DR10:3900:17 GN
113 97213/DL13SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:33DR09:5100:18 GN
114 97211/DL11SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:15DR09:3200:17 GN
115 97209/DL9SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:20DR08:3700:17 GN
116 97207/DL7SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:36DR07:5300:17 GN
117 97205/DL5SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:16DR07:3300:17 GN
118 97203/DL3SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM06:32DR06:4900:17 GN
119 97201/DL1SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM06:20DR06:3700:17 GN
120 97153/K129SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:24DR22:4100:17 GN
121 97151/K127SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:16DR22:3300:17 GN
122 97149/K125SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM22:06DR22:2300:17 GN
123 97147/K123SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM21:58DR22:1500:17 GN
124 97139/K117SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM20:52DR21:0900:17 GN
125 97133/K113SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:45DR20:0200:17 GN
126 97129/K109SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:18DR19:3500:17 GN
127 97127/K107SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:14DR19:3100:17 GN
128 97125/K105SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:01DR19:1800:17 GN
129 97119/K99SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:14DR18:3100:17 GN
130 97117/K97SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:08DR18:2600:18 GN
131 97113/K93SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:53DR18:1000:17 GN
132 97111/K91SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:36DR17:5300:17 GN
133 97105/K87SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:12DR17:2900:17 GN
134 97103/K85SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:00DR17:1800:18 GN
135 97101/K83SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM16:48DR17:0500:17 GN
136 97095/K81SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:58DR16:1500:17 GN
137 97093/K79SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:52DR16:0900:17 GN
138 97091/K77SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:43DR16:0000:17 GN
139 97089/K75SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:17DR15:3400:17 GN
140 97085/K71SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM14:57DR15:1400:17 GN
141 97083/K69SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM14:37DR14:5400:17 GN
142 97081/K67SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM14:24DR14:4100:17 GN
143 97079/K65SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM14:12DR14:2900:17 GN
144 97075/K63SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM13:46DR14:0300:17 GN
145 97071/K61SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM13:29DR13:4600:17 GN
146 97069/K59SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM13:21DR13:3800:17 GN
147 97067/K57SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM13:01DR13:1900:18 GN
148 97065/K55SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM12:57DR13:1500:18 GN
149 97061/K51SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM12:31DR12:4800:17 GN
150 97059/K49SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM12:27DR12:4400:17 GN
151 97057/K47SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM12:19DR12:3600:17 GN
152 97055/K45SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM12:08DR12:2500:17 GN
153 97053/K43SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:50DR12:0700:17 GN
154 97049/K39SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:12DR11:2900:17 GN
155 97047/K37SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:00DR11:1700:17 GN
156 97041/K35SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:10DR10:2700:17 GN
157 97039/K31SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:02DR10:1900:17 GN
158 97037/K29SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:29DR09:4700:18 GN
159 97031/K25SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:51DR09:0800:17 GN
160 97029/K23SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:32DR08:4900:17 GN
161 97027/K17SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:12DR08:2900:17 GN
162 97025/K15SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:56DR08:1300:17 GN
163 97021/K13SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:32DR07:4900:17 GN
164 97019/K9SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:24DR07:4100:17 GN
165 97017/K7SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:12DR07:2900:17 GN
166 97015/K5SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM06:40DR06:5700:17 GN
167 97011/K3SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM06:12DR06:2900:17 GN
168 95913/T127SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM20:30DR20:4400:14 GN
169 95911/T117SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:04DR19:1600:12 GN
170 95909/T107SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:10DR18:2200:12 GN
171 95907/T43SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:50DR10:0100:11 GN
172 95905/T33SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:04DR09:1500:11 GN
173 95903/T27SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:54DR09:0600:12 GN
174 95901/T17SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:13DR08:2500:12 GN
175 95801/DL35SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:37DR17:5000:13 GN
176 95745/K121SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM21:54DR22:0600:12 GN
177 95741/K115SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM20:42DR20:5600:14 GN
178 95739/K111SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM19:33DR19:4600:13 GN
179 95737/K103SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:57DR19:0900:12 GN
180 95733/K101SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:33DR18:4600:13 GN
181 95731/K95SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM18:03DR18:1500:12 GN
182 95727/K89SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM17:22DR17:3600:14 GN
183 95721/KW1SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:56DR16:1000:14 GN
184 95719/K73SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM15:17DR15:3000:13 GN
185 95717/K53SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM12:55DR13:0800:13 GN
186 95715/K41SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM11:43DR11:5500:12 GN
187 95711/K33SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM10:04DR10:1600:12 GN
188 95709/K27SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM09:00DR09:1200:12 GN
189 95707/K21SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:32DR08:4400:12 GN
190 95705/K19SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM08:25DR08:3800:13 GN
191 95703/K11SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM07:29DR07:4100:12 GN
192 95701/K1SUBURBANS M T W T F S CSTM06:06DR06:2000:14 GN


  1. As of now, 192 trains run between from MUMBAI CST (CSTM) to DADAR (DR).

  2. The first train from MUMBAI CST (CSTM) to DADAR (DR) is C49 (97649) that departs at 22:30 and runs 7 days a week

  3. The last train from MUMBAI CST (CSTM) to DADAR (DR) is K1 (95701) that departs at 06:06 and runs 6 days a week

  4. The fastest train from MUMBAI CST (CSTM) to DADAR (DR) is T43 (95907) that departs at 09:50 and arrives to at 10:01. It takes approximately 00:11 hours.

Train Between Stations

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