95225 - BL25 - Fare Enquiry

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95225 - BL25 travel fares for journey from KALYAN JN (KYN) to BADLAPUR (BUD) in GN for GN Quota is N.A. .

Train Schedule for train BL25 (95225) is :

CodeStn NameArrivesDepartsStop TimeDistancePlatformRouteDay
KYNKALYAN JN--15:09--0-11
VLDIVITHALWADI15:1315:141 min2-11
ULNRULHASNAGAR15:1515:161 min4-11
ABHAMBARNATH15:1915:201 min7-11

Other Trains travelling on this route are :-

Sr.Train No. and NameTrain TypeRuns onFromDepToArrTravel TimeClass
1 95107/S13SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN10:01BUD10:1700:16 GN
2 95105/S11SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN09:18BUD09:3400:16 GN
3 95103/S9SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN07:50BUD08:0800:18 GN
4 95101/S7SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN07:13BUD07:3100:18 GN
5 95013/KP 17SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN00:18BUD00:3500:17 GN
6 95011/KP13SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN23:02BUD23:1800:16 GN
7 95009/KP11SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN21:48BUD22:0400:16 GN
8 95007/KP9SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN18:36BUD18:5300:17 GN
9 95005/KP7SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN16:24BUD16:4100:17 GN
10 95003/KP5SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN13:22BUD13:3900:17 GN
11 95001/KP3SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN08:31BUD08:4700:16 GN
12 51029/BB BJP FAST PASSPASS M T W T F S KYN23:55BUD00:2200:27 SL GN
13 51027/FAST PASSENGERPASS M T W T F S KYN23:55BUD00:2200:27 SL GN
14 95109/S15SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN10:38BUD10:5400:16 GN
15 95111/S17SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN11:40BUD11:5600:16 GN
16 95113/S19SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN12:15BUD12:3100:16 GN
17 95115/S21SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN14:15BUD14:3100:16 GN
18 95117/S23SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN14:40BUD14:5600:16 GN
19 95119/S25SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN15:54BUD16:1000:16 GN
20 95121/S27SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN16:53BUD17:1100:18 GN
21 95123/S29SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN17:31BUD17:4700:16 GN
22 95125/S31SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN19:22BUD19:3600:14 GN
23 95127/S33SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN20:02BUD20:1900:17 GN
24 95129/S35SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN20:53BUD21:0900:16 GN
25 95131/S37SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN22:29BUD22:4500:16 GN
26 95201/BL1SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN07:26BUD07:4400:18 GN
27 95203/BL3SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN08:07BUD08:2900:22 GN
28 95205/BL5SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN09:00BUD09:1900:19 GN
29 95207/BL7SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN09:54BUD10:1400:20 GN
30 95209/BL9SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN10:16BUD10:3500:19 GN
31 95211/BL11SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN10:29BUD10:4800:19 GN
32 95213/BL13SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN10:45BUD11:0400:19 GN
33 95215/BL15SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN11:06BUD11:2800:22 GN
34 95217/BL17SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN11:27BUD11:4800:21 GN
35 95219/BL19SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN11:48BUD12:0700:19 GN
36 95221/BL21SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN12:51BUD13:0900:18 GN
37 95223/BL23SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN14:54BUD15:1500:21 GN
38 95227/DBL1SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN17:01BUD17:2000:19 GN
39 95229/BL29SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN17:46BUD18:0600:20 GN
40 95231/BL31SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN18:28BUD18:4800:20 GN
41 95233/BL33SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN19:02BUD19:2200:20 GN
42 95235/BL35SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN19:42BUD20:0100:19 GN
43 95237/BL37SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN20:13BUD20:3200:19 GN
44 95239/BL39SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN20:24BUD20:4500:21 GN
45 95241/BL51SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN23:32BUD23:5300:21 GN
46 96003/KP1SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN05:50BUD06:0900:19 GN
47 96019/KP 15SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN23:57BUD00:1400:17 GN
48 96101/S1SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN01:52BUD02:0800:16 GN
49 96103/TS1SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN05:33BUD05:5000:17 GN
50 96105/TS3SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN06:01BUD06:1800:17 GN
51 96107/S3SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN06:16BUD06:3300:17 GN
52 96109/S5SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN06:48BUD07:0500:17 GN
53 96111/TS5SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN11:12BUD11:3900:27 GN
54 96113/TS7SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN12:39BUD12:5600:17 GN
55 96115/TS9SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN18:23BUD18:4000:17 GN
56 96117/TS11SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN20:39BUD20:5600:17 GN
57 96119/S39SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN00:57BUD01:1400:17 GN
58 96201/CBL1SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN06:23BUD06:4300:20 GN
59 96203/TBL1SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN13:39BUD13:5700:18 GN
60 96205/BL27SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN15:43BUD16:0300:20 GN
61 96207/TBL3SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN16:33BUD16:5300:20 GN
62 96209/TBL5SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN19:26BUD19:4700:21 GN
63 96211/TBL7SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN20:18BUD20:3900:21 GN
64 96213/BL41SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN21:02BUD21:2200:20 GN
65 96215/BL43SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN21:23BUD21:4200:19 GN
66 96217/TBL9SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN22:06BUD22:2600:20 GN
67 96219/BL45SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN22:35BUD22:5500:20 GN
68 96221/BL47SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN22:57BUD23:1600:19 GN
69 96223/BL49SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN23:16BUD23:3600:20 GN
70 96225/BL53SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN00:12BUD00:3200:20 GN
71 96227/DBL3SUBURBANS M T W T F S KYN00:28BUD00:4800:20 GN